May 20th Miscellany 

Rodriguez Speaks

Responds to Charlie Weis's 'excuses' comment by saying, and how can you not love this, "I'm not worried about winning a rally. I'm not worried about winning a press conference." Oh, and he also did a mea culpa on the #1 jersey and after getting an education about the history of the jersey, will be giving it to a WR next year.

Matt Pargoff of The Wolverine dug up an article from August (yes, August: I was busy in August) which documents the number of Feb 2007 football commitments that did not end up enrolling at their program of choice in August. I'm sure it was discussed. But I'd just like to point out once more Oregon State: from 2004-2007, they brought in 133 recruits. The official limit / year is 25. 25x4 = 100. They "oversigned" by 33! If I had been recruiting against Oregon State, I would have printed that article out and shown it to every kid, saying "if you sign with Oregon State, there's a 25% chance you won't make it to campus. They won't even have a spot for you." 

By the way - tally - SEC 43 players who never signed. Big 10 ... 4. The *average* SEC team has as many such kids as the entire Big 10 conference. Keep that in mind next time you are looking at composite recruiting rankings.

And this may have been shown and linked before, too, but I'd like to share it again. From orangehammerfilms

At times shows, at times speaks to some of the things that made him special. 2nd clip - takes the massive hit, stays on his feet, keeps moving forward. Head-shaking. The catch against Indiana ... no other receiver I've ever seen stays on his feet after that hit at the 25.

I have no idea who was #1.

Posted: Tuesday - May 20, 2008 at 06:53 PM